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Over time the performance profile of any Oracle database changes due to increased data volume, changes in the application profile, the addition of new users or custom applications, and changes in business processes. Very often a small set of applications and their associated SQL queries account for a disproportionate amount of database server resource utilization. The DBA, CNC, or Systems Administrator may see it, but unless the performance of the application is adversely impacted this type of performance degradation is simply a quiet killer... slowly, but most assuredly, it eats away at available capacity.

To help companies identify what issues may exist in your JDE system, we offer two types of health checks. Our latest offering is an automated, online health check we call the NightOwl Health Check for Oracle JDE. This automated health check will compare your JDE system against our best practices and produce a report that identifies the key areas that need attention. You can find more information about NightOwl by clicking here.

We also offer a detailed health check assessment of your environment. Whether you feel your JDE Oracle database is healthy, suffers from a bit of wasted capacity, or has reached a point where poor performance is costing your company money, we can help you proactively tune, or quickly optimize, your Oracle database for JDE. In a very short engagement (typically one week) we are able to leverage a set of processes and tools developed over the last decade to quickly assess database architectural issues and performance bottlenecks, and provide you with specific recommendations and corrective actions to align your database performance and management with a "JDE Oracle Best Practices" philosophy.

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