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It is common for customers installing JDE to implement 3rd-party solutions to address functionality not available within the JDE software. Some customers also write custom code to handle integrations between JDE and external systems, such as Demantra's Demand Planning module or Manhattan's Warehouse Management System. From a database perspective, managing the "bolt-on" process is particularly challenging if the DBA desires to implement a security model that doesn't compromise the rest of the system and to effectively handle changes made to JDE. Unfortunately, a typical security model that is widely seen in the industry is to grant the Oracle owner of a bolt-on product full read/write access to all JDE tables in the database -- generally as a matter of convenience. However, such decisions of convenience can lead to serious production and compliance issues, if not disastrous data integrity issues down the road.

We have addressed these bolt-on issues at DBConnect Solutions by writing Oracle object inventory management tools that maintain lists of the approved non-JDE changes made to the Oracle database. The tools monitor the database to make sure all necessary components are in place, and issue alerts when any missing components are detected. In the area of Oracle permissions, the tools automatically reapply any missing custom privileges and alert the DBA for follow-up. Find out more about our NightOwl Database Security for Oracle JDE software here.

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