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Like other leading ERP systems, JDE is intended to be database vendor-agnostic. Therefore the product is not engineered to take advantage of the vendor-specific features available in each database platform. From a JDE perspective, Oracle (and other supported database platforms) is essentially a flat file manager. JDE relies totally on the security restrictions in place within the database itself. Out of the box, JDE grants PUBLIC access across the board and creates a single Oracle role that is assigned to JDE Oracle schema owners. JDE creates a number of Oracle accounts, including a DBA account, that are not typically used by the application. Further, the Oracle service account used by JDE is sometimes granted Oracle DBA access, which is not only unnecessary but can create Sarbanes-Oxley compliance issues for publicly traded companies.

DBConnect Solutions has extensive experience implementing appropriate Oracle security models for JDE. This experience can be immediately leveraged to set up SOX-compliant Oracle security models for new JDE implementations, or to remediate non-compliant security models that are already in place. Our team can define the appropriate Oracle accounts, Oracle roles, Oracle system privileges, JDE Oracle object privileges, custom Oracle object privileges, Oracle password complexity and password expiration rules to resolve any Oracle security issues. DBConnect has written a number of tools that can be quickly put into place to manage all aspects of the JDE Oracle security model.

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